Clean Water is Now A Reality At Dovedale Primary School

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In addition, the school and neighboring community had no running water and relied on limited water tanks to cope with sanitation.

In an effort to address the scarcity of water and ensure that students and families have access to clean water, the Rollings Foundation partnered with the Law Offices of Roderick White to drill a water well for this community in 2018. 

To date, the general environment of the school and the surrounding community has been improved.

​​​​DoveDale Primary school is located in Harding, South Africa. It is a rural school with approximately 150 learners/ students ranging from Kindergarten (Grade R)  to 7th grade.

The school was built by the community more than 20 years ago to fulfill the educational needs of the growing community. Over the years, the building structure had been compromised, and has been in dire need of restoration.

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