rollings foundation

changing lives

FOOD SECURITY - RF aims to give people better access to nutritious food. We want people to know where their next meal is coming from. By helping people produce their own food, they will have a longer term solution to fight hunger and provide food for their families.​

Rollings foundation

Many people lack access to the basic things in life – nutritious food, clean drinking water, and good jobs. The Rollings Foundation (RF) was established in Dallas, Texas in 2008. We envision a world where people can use their God given abilities to provide for themselves and improve their own lives. RF aims to encourage and equip people in South Africa to become self sufficient. We will work closely with targeted communities to develop and implement solutions to help people overcome poverty..

CLEAN DRINKING WATER - on a daily basis, many people die due to diseases caused by unclean drinking water. RF aims to give people better access to clean drinking water. Providing clean water will improve people’s health and save their lives.​