• ​22 water wells
  • 4 water tanks   

water wells 

The Rollings Foundation partnered with the Cross Springs Ministries, Concord Church and the Souls Outreach Restoration Center to implement several water wells in Sodwana, South Africa. Sodwana  is located on the east coast of South Africa and it is predominately populated by the Zulu people. The Sodwana area has been impacted by droughts for over 70 years. It is very common for people to walk up to 2 miles to access water from the nearest water source, wait in long lines and take up half the day in the process. Common uses for water in the community include drinking, cooking and gardening purposes. 

water tanks 

The Foundation installed several water tanks in Bizana, South Africa. Bizana is a small town with a population of about 8,000 low income residents.  The water tanks were installed at a newly constructed multipurpose community center. Our partner, Souls Outreach Association, a local church in Durban South Africa, took on the 6 year project to build the community center as their funding allowed them to. Water will be provided by "rain harvesting", better understood as collecting rain water in a tank. This tank water is treated with purifiers (chlorine tablets) making the water safe for drinking and cooking. 

clean drinking water 

The initial water efforts consisted of manual hand pump water wells. Subsequently, the Foundation implemented automated water wells that include a generator, submersible pump, water tank and faucets. The water is pumped from the ground, stored in a water tank and made available through the water faucets. Families can access the water by simply turning a water tap. They can fill their personal container with water and take it home for their families to enjoy. 

changing lives

rollings foundation

On a daily basis, many people die due to diseases caused by unclean drinking water. The Rollings Foundation aims to give people better access to clean drinking water. Providing clean water will improve people’s health and save their lives.